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Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what age can I start playing PSSA Softball?
If you turn 50 years of age or more during the same calendar year as the year you’re playing then you can play PSSA Senior Softball. All new players may be evaluated for playing skills by one or more members of the Board of Directors (BOD).

Example: If you turned 50 years of age anytime between Jan 1, 2024, to Dec 31, 2024, you would be considered 50 for the entire 2024 season.

2. Are there different playing age groups in PSSA?
No, ages range from 50 to 86 in one league.

3. When can I register to play in the PSSA Softball league?
Go to the application page; registration is year-round.

4. How long is the season?
The Spring season is typically played from mid-February to mid-June. The Fall season is from mid-August to late November/early December. The league schedule/season is based on the number of players/teams. A season can be 12 to 20 weeks or 12 to 20 games. The BOD will review and decide on weeks and games prior to the start of the Spring or Fall season.

5. Where are the games played?
The season's games are played at Lions Park which is located on the corner of LaRua and 12th Ave, in Pensacola, Florida. For spring 2024, we will play doubleheaders at Exchange Park (fields 3 and 4) on 3/9, 3/16, 3/30, and 5/24.

6. How many games are there in a season?
This varies based on the number of teams. For spring 2024, there will be 22 games spread over 18 weeks.

7. How many teams are in the league?
Typically there are 6 teams consisting of 14 players per team. For spring 2024, we expanded to 8 teams.

8. Is this league a recreational or competitive league?
PSSA Senior Softball is a recreational softball league. Most members/players are competitive on the field of play; they play to win, but it's all in good fun with a recreational spirit.

9. Are there any special rules in PSSA?
There are and they can be found on the page detailing local rules. We use SPA rules which can be found here:

10. Are there any equipment restrictions?
Yes, and those are also found in our rules and in the SPA softball rules.

a. No original Miken Ultra, Lady Virus, or titanium bats can be used.

b. No modified or altered bats. This included bats that are beginning to crack.

c. No metal cleats can be used.

11. Are there any practice times?
The league has open practices, Tuesday and Thursday, at 9 am for Fall/Winter hours and 8 am Spring/Summers hours, at Exchange Park, year-round, weather permitting. Additionally, practice will be held at Lions Park when the league is not in season.  All members of the league and members of the community are welcome to participate. If you're new to the league then we encourage you to attend the practices and get evaluated. Evaluation of your playing skills are encouraged prior to the Spring or Fall season. This helps the managers get to know you before the draft.

12. How do I get placed on a team?
Each season the PSSA holds a draft, a few weeks before the season begins. Nothing in the draft is based on the previous year's results. Instead, the managers draw numbers out of a hat to determine their draft order. Then each manager chooses players on a rotating basis.

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